Grandmaster Jeff Hall’s


Hojutsu-Ryu, the Art of Shooting




Nationally and internationally recognized Firearms Trainer and Martial Artist, Grandmaster Jeff Hall.

Soke Hall has his integrated curriculum available to all shooter levels. Silver Bullet Training Northwest, LLC, will be presenting a unique training opportunity. New and experienced students are welcome.

Jeff Hall, former Army Ranger, Lieutenant Alaska State Trooper (ret.), national speaker, trainer, and author will be demonstrating and teaching his form of the “ART of SHOOTING” (In Japan, Hojutsu is the Art of Gunnery).

More About Jeff Hall

Jeff spent 12 years on SWAT, ending up as the Alaskan statewide SWAT team leader. He’s trained 10,000 law enforcement officers since 1982. He’s an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor in Handgun, Shotgun, Carbine, Submachine gun and Precision rifle.

Currently, the average hits for Law Enforcement are 16%. In contrast, Hojutsu Law Enforcement students average 99.6% hits in combat.

Jeff Hall has won real gunfights as a soldier and a trooper. He is one of the only US police officers to win an air-to-ground firefight against an armed criminal, on May 19, 1984 at Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. The incident was featured on the History Channel’s Sniper: Deadliest Missions, available on DVD from the History Channel Store.

Jeff is NRA Distinguished, as one of only 25 Handgun Combat Masters in the world, and holds black belts in six arts. He’s an NRA Adjunct Staff Instructor, Certified Police Master Instructor, and a Force Options instructor. He has been inducted into numerous Martial Arts Halls of Fame, where he was recognized as the founder of modern Hojutsu-Ryu, as tenth dan (Ju-dan).

“… If we carry a gun, we need to know how to retain it, and when we can’t shoot and we need to fight with hands and feet, sticks, etc. Hojutsu does all of it…” –LTC David Grossman Hojutsu Black Belt.

In March 2019, Jeff Hall attended the “Sheepdog Seminar”, held at Candlelight Ministries in Coeur d’Alene, awarding a black belt to Garland, Texas police Officer Gregory Stevens. Officer Greg Stevens, was awarded the Medal of Valor by the President, for thwarting an ISIS-inspired attack in Garland, Texas. The White House credits Stevens for preventing a mass shooting. While working a security job at the Curtis Culwell Center, Stevens took down two gunmen headed for an anti-Muslim event featuring a cartoon contest about the prophet Muhammad.

Other Notable Hojutsu Instructors

A few notable Hojutsu instructors, among the many black belt instructors in the country, who teach Hojutsu, are:

Clint Smith, a Godan (5th Dan) and owner of Thunder Ranch who talks about Jeff on his YouTube         

Army LTC David Grossman, psychology professor at West Point and author of “On Combat” and “Killology”

Masaad Ayoob, owner of MAG40/80